One In A Million

She's my best ever teacher,she is my bestfriend,she is my soul,she is my strength,she is my heart and she is my everything..
She will never be replaced ♥

Salam, ♥

Ya Allah,please accept my pray..

★ Ya Allah, give me death whilst I am in Sajdah.
★ Ya Allah, let the last words of my life be the Shahadah.
★ Ya Allah, If I die in my sleep let my heart beat the dhikr of Allah.
★ Ya Allah, the guider of the lost soul forgive the entire Ummah.
★ Ya Allah, forgive My Parents, My Family, and My Brothers & Sisters In Islam.
★ Ya Allah, guide entire humanity to the righteous path.

Still Counting :)

im having so much fun with you my dearst frens,ill nvr frget the frst time tht we met.its been 7years together and we were still counting!yeayyyy!!!!


If he really loves you,

  • He’ll be jealous if you’re with other guys
  • He’ll always remember the memories you shared
  • He’ll cry over you
  • He’ll admit his mistakes
  • He’ll not replace you with other girls no matter what

No Road is Long With Good Company

When I honestly ask myself which person in my lives mean the most to me,I often find that it is those who,instead of giving advice,solutions,or cures have chosen rather to share my pain and touch my wounds with a warm and tender hand.The friend who can be silent with me in a moment of despair or confusion,who can stay with me in an hour of grief and bereavement,who can tolerate not knowing,not curing,not healing and face with me the reality of my powerlessness,that is a friend who cares.
Hey gossip girl!Thanks for always there for me.We have faced many challenges and problems together.Many things we shared together.All things about our special boyfriend,about our ex-boyfriends,about our problems,about our enemies and more.I really hope that this beautiful friendship will never break up any way.No matter what the future takes,we will together solve the problems that we will face.I love this friendship a lot girl


I Miss You Teacher...

Hey its been so long i havent seen u yea!like seriously i do missed u a lot teacher!miss the way tht we used to gossip-in each other,shared our problem together,the way tht u made me laughed!dammit!imiss u!!its almost 3week i havent seen u my lovely teacher,and for sure theres a lot of stories tht i wnt to tell u.perhaps i know u too hve a lot of stories tht u wnt to share wth me rite? i just meet u in the morning at school.i just miss u way too much thts why im being kinda excited to see u,and u was like smiling and laughing seeing my jokes.i know theres no other thing tht can make me happy other than seeing u smiling all the till here,thanks u teacher.thanks for being the best ever teacher tht i ever had!i love u sooo much!

Salam, ♥

You Mean Everything To Me

Just so u know sayang I just love u way too much and I cant even express the way i feel now.its been so love towards u grow evry each day that passes by.I cant even imagine how am i gonna live without u sayang.u've changed my whole life.u've give me a chance.u've love me with all of your heart.u've showed me evrything.i miss u soo much like seriously i do my love.i wish that i could be with u evry single day.i miss all those momments when we were together sayang!watching tv together,eating chocolate together,laughing together,u've sleep me,urutkn kepala i,serve me a drink and evrythng.i do feel your love sayang.i do love u with all of my geart.thanks fr put the trust on me my darling.i promise u tht i will always love u and will never hurt u again,i will never scolded u and lying on u.mark my word sayang.and mostly syang,thanks fr giving me a lot of support.i love u sooooooooooo muchhhh sayang!always do!

Salam, ♥

You Brightened Up My Day

so,hey hai hello!its been so long i havent blogging and i hate all those my worst memories!and just so u know i just cant wait fr my boyfriend's must be kinda weird rite?first time in my life celebrating boyfriend's birthday :)i jst dnt know wht to buy on his birthday and lastly i decided to buy this watch.hopefully he kinda love it!love u sayang and happy becoming birthday! :D

Salam, ♥