You Mean Everything To Me

Just so u know sayang I just love u way too much and I cant even express the way i feel now.its been so love towards u grow evry each day that passes by.I cant even imagine how am i gonna live without u sayang.u've changed my whole life.u've give me a chance.u've love me with all of your heart.u've showed me evrything.i miss u soo much like seriously i do my love.i wish that i could be with u evry single day.i miss all those momments when we were together sayang!watching tv together,eating chocolate together,laughing together,u've sleep me,urutkn kepala i,serve me a drink and evrythng.i do feel your love sayang.i do love u with all of my geart.thanks fr put the trust on me my darling.i promise u tht i will always love u and will never hurt u again,i will never scolded u and lying on u.mark my word sayang.and mostly syang,thanks fr giving me a lot of support.i love u sooooooooooo muchhhh sayang!always do!

Salam, ♥